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Murder in the Heartland: The Oklahoma City Bombing

Within 48 hours of the tragic blast at the Alfred P. Murrah Building on April 19, 1995, federal officials were blanketing the news media with their theory of the crime and with the designated "patsies" already judged "guilty."
According to the federal theory, to which the news media subscribed without question, the bombing was the work of American dissidents bent on a violent overthrow of the government. Congress responded by immediately enacting legislation to give the government unprecedented latitude with the invasion of individual privacy.

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The World According to Monsanto

French documentary filmmaker Marie-Monique Robin has thoroughly researched her subject, through a three-year investigation in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Robin briefly explores Monsanto’s long history of producing toxic chemicals, such as PCBs and dioxin-laced Agent Orange, and interviews victims of the company’s chemical operations. However, the rest of the film devotes more attention to Monsanto’s 20-year old genetically engineered seed empire.

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Reel Bad Arabs - How Hollywood Vilifies a People

This groundbreaking documentary dissects a slanderous aspect of cinematic history that has run virtually unchallenged from the earliest days of silent film to today's biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Featuring acclaimed author Dr. Jack Shaheen, the film explores a long line of degrading images of Arabs--from Bedouin bandits and submissive maidens to sinister sheikhs and gun-wielding "terrorists"--along the way offering devastating insights into the origin of these stereotypic images, their development at key points in US history, and why they matter so much today.

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