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HELLO TO ALL! I am an Indonesian currently studying abroad. Now I am a
I grew up watching things like Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Series and some other series, either dubbed or subtitled in Bahasa Indonesia, shown on the free-to-air TPI (Education Television of Indonesia), a TV station which sadly enough has abandoned its educational mission for commercial reasons. That was back then, the era of the television when I did not even have a computer at home.

I have a really wide sphere of interest, encompassing many disciplines, and one of the ways for me to satisfy this was by watching documentary films. Many of them are available online for free, and this site is just a way for me to consolidate my collection and share it with many people. I hope that the films presented could present all of us with new knowledge and perspectives. Nobody has to agree with what is said in any of them, but that is the point, to stimulate our mind through a healthy discussion for us to be enriched by others' point of view too.

So, happy commenting and watching..... Hope that you can enjoy Documentary Films for Free and be empowered. Stay in touch by Subscribing! If you want to give any suggestion, recommend a documentary, or ask a question, just drop an email via the form provided

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