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For Neda (HBO Documentary)

On June 20, 2009, exactly one year ago, Neda Agha-Soltan, died as a martyr for freedom due to the violent crackdown of Iran's post election protests. For Neda is a HBO documentary chronicling her struggle, which has became symbolic of the greater struggle of the Iranians, both in Iran and all around the world. With exclusive access to her family inside Iran, the documentary goes to the heart of who Neda was and what she stood for, illuminating the larger Iranian struggle for democratic freedoms through her powerful story.

For Neda reveals the portrait of Neda, a young women who since the beginning has bravely stood up for personal freedom and rebel against the confinement imposed by Iran's government. By refusing to bow to the laws discriminating women and protesting against Iran's rigged election, she has become a spark for the movement of many Iranian women, and just about everyone else inside and outside of Iran. This documentary captures the personal picture of Neda's struggle, but without neglecting the greater struggle and suffering in Iran in the backdrop. It surely going to be a long battle, but it is good that this film can at least be a source of inspiration for everyone.

Watch the full documentary here


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