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Kung Fu Monks: Secrets of the Shaolin Temple (National Geographic)

National Geographic’s Kung Fu Monks: Secrets of the Shaolin Temple is about the Shaolin monks who are famous all around the world for their elegant display of martial arts. For thousands of years, the Shaolin monks have trained the top Kung Fu masters and played a pivotal role in China’s history. Today, the secrets of the Shaolin Temple is spread around the world by Shi Yan Ming,a former Shaolin monk who bravely escaped from the Shaolin troupe during their USA tour. Many people, including popular ones becomes his students, although others derided him for leaving the sacred temple.
He is the founder and abbot of the U.S.A. Shaolin Temple in downtown Manhattan, where he teaches kung fu, tai chi, chi kung, Buddhism and meditation. His students range from university professors to, curiously enough, many of the cut masters and grand masters of the hip-hop nation, like Jeru the Damaja, Tricky and, of course, the Wu-Tang Clan, who call their home base, Staten Island, "Shaolin" and practically own the patent on martial arts-driven lyrics. Nevertheless, despite all those seemingly glitzy and worldly touches, Shi Yan Ming still devote his life to Kung Fu, practicing his slick moves and spreading the art all around America.

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