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Autobahn (MegaStructures - National Geographic)

It was started as a racing track, but due to Hitler’s World War II propaganda efforts, the track grew into a sophisticated high-speed road system, linking to almost all the major cities in Germany. The Autobahn boasts of having super thick road beds, 4% or less grades, wide lanes, and build on layers of technology. It allows vehicles to travel at speeds exceeding 160km/h for roughly two thirds of its roads.

The episode profiles the operations of the highway cops, and their clever use of technology in training, monitoring of roads and various methods of arrest. It also features the ADAC, an automobile club, which provides on the spot road assistance. Nicknamed ‘The Yellow Angels’, they also provide air medical rescue. Building it was hard enough, but maintaining it could not be more complicated. Millions are spent for the Autobahn's sophisticated system of maintenance which is also covered in the documentary . All this infrastructure makes this mega structure into one of the world’s most safest super highway.

About the documentary series MegaStructures by National Geographic
Megastructures are all around us; skyscrapers in big cities, subway trains years ahead of their time. Get an inside look at the planning and engineering behind creating some of the greatest buildings and machines ever made. ‘MegaStructures’ takes you inside the superstructures and all the inner workings that muscle together to make the structures function as a whole.
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