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Comet Air Crash (Seconds from Disaster - National Geographic)

In early 1954, De Havilland is at the forefront of commercial aviation, introducing the first passenger jet airliner to the world. On 10 January, 1954, a flight takes off in Rome at 10:31 AM to finish the last leg of its international journey, carrying children returning home for the school term, and Chester Wilmot, a journalist and military historian working for BBC, as well as others travelling to Britain. Approximately 30 minutes later, the plane disappears from radar at high altitude and crashes into the Mediterranean Sea off Elba. Authorities confirm that all 35 passengers and crew have died, and post-mortem examinations show unusual injuries to many victims.

As officials work to identify a cause, a second Comet plane crashes just three months later, with its victims also exhibiting similar injury patterns. With the entire fate of commercial jet aviation in jeopardy, Prime Minister Winston Churchill calls for a government investigation of the crash, examining everything from potential sabotage and conspiracy theories to possible faulty mechanics and human error.
What brought down this flight and what could have caused the victims' strange injuries?

About the documentary series Seconds from Disaster by National Geographic
Seconds from Disaster uses CGI, forensic science and eyewitness accounts combine to re-enact some of the world’s worst disasters. Blending advanced CGI, re-enactments, archival footage, forensic science, dramatic eyewitness accounts and expert testimony, we recreate in gripping detail the final moments behind some of the most calamitous disasters of modern time.
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